Network Marketing Success – Is Face to Face Marketing Dead In Network Marketing?

If you’ve been looking to find network marketing success the good ole’ fashion way…OFFLINE…then you might have a tough time finding anyone online saying that it’s still possible to see success that way.

But the fact is that face to face marketing is certainly not dead, and is certainly something that you should keep in your marketing arsenal.

Let me tell you why offline marketing might be the best way to see network marketing success right now, and I want to give you proof from our own business.

Finding Network Marketing Success Using a Hybrid of Marketing Principles

You see, right now for people who are searching for a new NWM business,and looking to find a true mentor…they’re having trouble digging through all of the clutter online. They’re having to siphon through all of the stuff online, and end up signing up for 100’s of mailing lists online until their inbox is so full of junk they give it up and move on.

So they’re dying to find someone who will actually get in touch with them and show them that they’re a human being. It’s not hard to see in our own business, and with our network marketing success.

How We’re Seeing Network Marketing Success With This Hybrid

You see we market online extensively. We have websites, blogs, social networks, and can be found all over Google for various terms. So sure, we’ve embraced the entire internet marketing thing with great excitement. But what we haven’t done is ignore that human touch.

And we’ve been rewarded kindly for that. And it makes us very happy every time we hear someone tell us «Wow, I can’t believe you actually called me», or «It’s so hard these days to find a real person online».

So in a sense we’ve combined these two marketing methods in order to leapfrog over our competition and see even further network marketing success.

The fact is that we’re products of the network marketing industry, from way before there ever was an internet. We’ve been doing this for 24 years, and we built huge downlines before the word downline became a household name. So for us, the internet was simply a tool that made it easier to find new people to actually speak to face to face.

Many people that we know have either swung the pendulum all the way to one side where they’ve abandoned the principles that made them successful anyways…and then have wondered why their compensation checks have dwindled along with their network marketing success.

Others have turned their nose up at the internet and simply don’t feel like learning anything new. I will say that I’d rather see someone go that way rather than the other way around. This is because I know that the principles of success haven’t changed, and that marketing face to face is still as, if not more viable today than ever.

But when you combine the two efforts, it’s like adding fuel to an already robust fire when it comes to nwm success.

Finding someone around the globe online, when you would have never had the chance to do that just 10 years ago is exciting. Getting them on the phone is even more exciting when you can show them all of the amazing benefits of starting a home business in their country. And with the internet you can actually talk to them face to face with the great technology of Skype, GotoMeeting, and all the other great things like those.

Face to face is not only NOT dead, but it’s probably a greater opportunity than it’s ever been right now. You’ll stand head and shoulders over your competition and experience tremendous network marketing success…and we can show you how to do it step by step by clicking here now! Http://

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