PART 1 | Peterborough 3-0 Sunderland | FAN REACTIONS with SHAUN MIDDLETON

We sent Shaun Middleton all the way down to Peterborough to watch the lads play at London Road. After the game Shaun got some of the fans reactions after …

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  1. That 1st fan is an idiot knows nothing about football , Wyke Mackems best player , ha ha , complete pocket job for Beevers . Little tip for you lot, Sheff Utd took 4 years to get out this League just because you have a big fan base it doesn't guarantee you automatic success , the lad in the brown shirt summed it up , poor tactics from Ross . Up The Posh , see you guys Easter Monday .

  2. Nice job Shaun… love that jacket. As to the game… well I think the fan comments about covered it. With the trade deadline looming it should make for an interesting couple of days. A second left back is an absolute must, another right back wouldn't hurt either (O'Nien has proven his worth further up field) . Would also like to see another forward added to the squad. Wouldn't bother me at all to see Grigg, Leadbitter, McGeouch, Ozturk, Gooch or Watmore be traded.

  3. I can tell that Shaun is definitely Ross out and I don't blame him and he's right what he's saying when people say he needs time he had all of last season and he failed should of been sacked after the play-off final hasn't got a clue

  4. Sack a manager after 1 bad result? Dont think so, judge Ross at the end of the season otherwise we should have got rid in the summer. We will be back to the same old thing that never worked in the past if we do it now

  5. Posh fan here, firstly I thought your comment of the best support in the world is tragic 😂 didn’t hear you once. Secondly I have to say the o’nien red was very unfair and what Toney did was unacceptable. Anyway good game and hope for the same in the return fixture. 👍

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