LEAGUE ONE NEXT SEASON. Bristol Rovers 2-0 Soft Sunderland

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Sunderland lose to a Bristol Rovers team that just wanted it much much more than our sorry looking Sunderland side. Bristol Rovers had more want than us and …

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  1. All those close relegation survivals in the pl are looking to bite yous in the arse again. Luck never lasts unfortunately however this should be Sunderland trying to get into the playoffs in the championship to get un the premier league this is Sunderland trying to get into the playoffs in league one. It must be absolutely embarrassing for a big club like Sunderland and the history you have. You should look at what Blackburn have done under Tony Mowbray and try to get a manager like that.

  2. Your just a bang average league 1 team,you have a great stadium,great following of fans but that's it.
    Even if you go up,without major investment and a clear out of your current players you would come straight back down again.
    You only have to look at the teams such as Charlton,Barnsley and Luton,their in the bottom 4 teams in the championship and their better than Sunderland.
    Good luck for the rest of the season,your going to need it!

  3. Not sure some of these players want Sunderland to go up, they're too comfortable getting a good wage for league 1 and might be worried they'll be pushed out the door if we did go up. At least that's how it's looking because that isn't the effort of a team that wants promotion. Embarrassing today and I feel bad for the fans who travelled down

  4. I was there m8, the only one on the pitch who did a job was Scowen, for all the good it did with Parky's "lump it up to the big man" tactics making Scowen's job basically irrelevant, Flanagan was in full on flappy mode. 2 points out of 12 not good enough and added to his abysmal run earlier in the season surely means Parky has to be given his P45 in the morning- the buck stops with him, never mind end of the season get SuperKev or Bally in ASAP m8. #STID

  5. Yeah, as per usual, it's all falling apart at the worst possible moment. It's all very well having a nice little post Christmas run, but that means nothing if it's followed up with the recent string of results. The margin for error is shrinking. Another couple of dodgy results and even the playoffs will be a stretch. I don't really want to have to go back to Wembley but I would take it now. Plus, I lost my best hat there last season and was hoping to find it.

  6. Charlatan owners words were "we are aiming for 100 points. We have biggest budget". He cudnt lie straight in bed. Complete chancer, buying shite and loaning shite no team wants. League 1 next season , even if super kev came in he wudnt be backed by owner. The owner knows exactly what hes doing as 30k home is lining his pockets nicely. Next season i wudnt be suprised if it was 15k. Power, wyke,hume,grigg,watmore,ozturk,flanagan should never wear an Safc top again for me like. Utter shit.

  7. It's the system PP plays. 4 at the back is consistent. Pep used 3 at the back and didn't work for Man City so reverted back to 4. Long ball what pissed me off.. constant long balls because players haven't got the ability to pass around. The middle needs shifting.. roles played.. I'm not manager but we need like a triangle system in the middle, flair. The crossing from Hume and O'Nein is shit!!! Goes nowhere!! Plus, when it comes nobody is in the box any way!! Long ball is old fashioned.. shite. I would go back to 442, or 433. Triangle system in the middle, Dobson at back with Scowen in centres Maguire behind striker.. that role he can get shots off being in the centre moving around. Does O'Nein go RB? We haven't got a proper RB and McLaughlin I shite. I want Declan John back in as Hume cannot defend neither.

    Semenyo or Gooch in left.. striker.. hmm I personally feel Semenyo as a striker as he has pace to get behind players.. if 2 up front.. Possibly give Grigg a go.. Wyke brings nowt. For Lafferty, we didn't play to his strength..the kong balls and crossed went no where near him. He likes it as hid feet more.

  8. Feel sorry for Sunderland, massive club who shouldn't be languishing in league 1. That said there's others who have gone through it, bigger clubs that them. All had one thing in common, badly owned and managed. Good luck hope you make the play offs.
    Up the Millers.

  9. Great support for an underperforming team,.. respect.
    I still hold by my prediction of ? December 12th,.. Sunderland to go up via playoff's,… replacing Charlton who'll drop down… As a Pompey fan I feel your pain…but,.. please keep the faith

  10. I play for Sunderland, I'm on a good little earner. I know that if we go up I'm not good enough and I'll be sacked. So what's my incentive. Doesn't matter about the club if its up against it financially they need me to take the fans mind off it. As for the fans well they turn up no matter what dross I produce and if any of them says anything. Well the club will brand them as parasites who they can't make money off… Remember Catermole he cared about the club got rid of him didn't even get a testimonial. That's what caring does for you nothing it's about the money. Yes think I'll stay here easy life in div 1.

  11. What a shower of shit they are mate. I'm fucking raging. It seemed like they totally forgot about trying to win the game and take the points. They're a disgrace. We're right up shits creek now like. Fucked right off 😡

  12. Good video, I went to the game last night and was at the other end to the away fans so couldn't really see or hear much but looks like you brought a pretty impressive contingent down so fair play to you lot on a Tuesday night. As for the game it wasn't a contest in the end Sunderland kept on giving fouls away and couldn't cope with the pressure from Rovers. That penalty – I thought the Sunderland lad forgot where he was and started playing volleyball! Worst handball I've seen in a long time

  13. I would have said you were pissed when you made this video but then saw you were drinking Fosters, so that is ruled out. 😉 What is up with the North East's finest brown wine? Maybe it is off limits to Mackems? 🙂

    You say that the referee gave everything to Rovers: what about the booking of Rovers' Hargreaves when your goalkeeper took his legs haway man?

    Having said that. Yep, your team are a disgrace but what do you expect of a Phil Parkinson team? They dive and feign injury at every possible, or even implausible opportunity. They would be more likely to win an Oscar……….. but even their acting did not fool the (agreed) piss poor referee.

    Chin up lad.

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