Sunderland 2-2 Gillingham Vlog: TENSIONS RUNNING HIGH.

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Sunderland and Phil Parkinson drop two pionts again. Some fans are not happy and Tensions RUN HIGH… Subscribe to GILSEY LINK HERE.

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  1. Make no mistake, Steve Evans is a wiley old manager and tactition. He would have done his home work on every one of the lads. I predicted a draw and never expected to beat them. It will take 7 or 8 wins from 9 games now to take it to last game against Rotherham. Lets not hide from the facts. We are an average to good side in a tricky league. No more than that. Made up by signings from Walsall, Oxford, Wigan, Bradford, Wycombe. (you get my drift) with a manager whos claim to fame is a 4-2 fa cup victory at Chelsea with Bradford. Is he a 'roll your sleeves up shouty manager'? Yes. Is he a tactition who can read the game and make changes to affect the result? Im not sure he is. We have suffered today but after 40 odd years im immune to the pain. Sad really.

  2. Was crying out to start Lafferty. Only reason he did start was connected Wyke's Injury. PP does not rotate. I don't rate Wyke at all. But I bet he's back in the squad next game if he's okay. Lafferty foe me. We would not of got those goals if Wyke was playing and probably lost.

  3. Also, rather play Semenyo than Grigg. Grigg is shite. But I agree with Parkinson's incapacity of changing the team. No plan B. Agree with Scowen… adds a but flair to the team. PP fucks me off. Just won't rotate.. even 2/3 players..I've said it for ages. Rotation is the key. Consistency good but if it isn't working, change it. PP won't.

  4. why is parky so scared to make changes to the squad, so what if he tries to spice it up a bit and it doesn't work, at least hes given it a go, late subs again!, bring on grigg not semenyo! parky for some reason chooses not to effect the game, if we start with wyke against rovers on Tuesday, im going to really start to doubt parky. i can only hope that he puts this right.

  5. Mate, you've been overdoing it with the bellywash again. I don't care if Will Grigg's on ten million a week, he's shit!! Well done Gillingham for that last minute goal, shit happens. See you at Wembley. Ftm

  6. Damage control m8, could have been worse, yes 2 points lost but really 1 point gained from another view, second place Is a free for all and we're in the mix, let's see how we bounce back.

  7. you think your lot was crap you should have watched pompey they were non-existanteven to the point of curtis getting booked when the match had finished pompey were a bunch of fucking clowns with no clue

  8. Why was that lad kicking off at the beginning of your video???? I'm happy I lived in Gillingham when they put you down the first time I used to be Gillingham cricket groundsman for two years then then I moved to Coventry unfortunately I was at cov when they won the FA cup against spurs but apart from the stick I got still got a soft spot for them was there for 9 years 😊😊 I never bet on Newcastle because my mates will tell you im a jinks I just put 250 pounds on you to get permoted 😨😨 if you go up I get about 800 pounds if you don't I lose 250 but happy win win if you do go up I will get you a few pints or if you don't want a drink I will put 100 in a charity of your choice but hopefully I won't win mate don't take it personally I like your channel

  9. Poor today…totally agree with you mate. Be lucky to make play – offs if we carry on like this. 2-1 up with 30 seconds to go…row z is the option. Rotherham losing makes it even worse. 67 years a Sunderland fan and this is the worse I have felt. If only my dad had supported Sunderland…I would have supported Newcastle.

  10. To understand the present you have to understand the history and those that worked so hard to have given their support. The more you understand the history the more you understand the present, the more you can shape the future to how it should be. I cannot see how those that make the present decisions have any respect or understanding of the history of this club. Shame on them.

  11. Kind of missing the point , the team isn’t good enough despite of where we were 3 years ago or how big our stadium is .
    Nobody in the championship would want any of our players ,all these teams are hungrier than our team.

  12. Gutted again getting sick of saying that mate this is carbon copy of last season and look how that turned out sorry mate but youve gotta come 2 terms with it were just not good enough not once this season have we been top same as last season not top once dreading if we go 2 play offs good vid mate dont be 2 downhearted it is sunland its what we do 🔴⚪🔴⚪

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