How To Get Women To Like You

If you want to go from dork to Casanova, then you need to prepare for hard work and a steep learning curve. But if you see it through…boy, is it worth it. Knowing how to get women to like you is definitely an art, a comprehensive art that could never be adequately covered in a single article. However, I will give a general overview of some pointers which will make you a better man overnight.

STEP 1 — Understand that you must maximize your life

Back when I was 21 years old, I was given a major revelation courtesy of an ex-girlfriend. We were talking about sexual attraction, and she happened to say «You know, women like a good body on a man as much as men do on women.»

That was a real eye-opener. I kid you not. Before that I had always taken my appearance for granted. Perhaps it had something to do with media conditioning, never portraying women as individuals who really aggressively went after sex (Sex and the City was actually pioneering in that respect.)

Yes gents, women get the animal attraction too. If you want to know the number one rule of how to get women to like you, it is to make the most of what you have. Sure, you may not have been born with George Clooney’s looks, but that doesn’t stop you maximizing what you do have. And I firmly believe that if we all made the most of what we had, then we would emit an attractive vibe automatically.

Go to a stylist and get a proper haircut. Read up on fashion and get a select wardrobe of premium clothe instead of buying en masse at the local high street discount store. Trade in your watch for a nicer model. Discover the joy of loafers over sneakers. And most importantly, work out like your life depended on it. Build a body fit for a Greek God, ensuring you look like a champ in a loose t-shirt. You want women to be looking at you and wishing their claws were deep in that chest.

STEP 2 — The days of the metrosexual are over — hurrah for the alpha-male!

Face it: women want real men.

The days of the metrosexual are gone, thank goodness. Don’t even think about eyebrow plucking, twenty different forms of skincare or, worst of all, being a serial apologist. I think this is one of the untold secrets of how to get women to like you.

Metrosexuals get walked over. Metrosexuals are human rugs. The alpha male does not put up with games, and is strong enough in mind not to buckle when the going gets tough. You have to be as mentally strong as you are physically. Think about taking up a martial art to reflect this.

Just don’t be a pushover. Women don’t want a pushover. Like it or not, the politically incorrect model is back in. Women do not want to be with someone they feel they could overpower. Be prepared to stand your ground if you feel you are in the right when an argument occurs.

And believe me. If you’ve developed the alpha-male aura, women will notice it — and be attracted to it — a hundred yards off.

STEP 3 — Learn the art of body language

I truly believe this is the most important psychological skill you can learn.

At the end of the day, many seduction attempts fail when the conversation dies between two strangers. Now, many people will say that is because the two individuals were not compatible. That is nonsense — it is always possible to create rapport, even with a complete stranger with whom you ostensibly have nothing in common.

Body language is a great way of breaking the ice and easing you up. If you can tell that the lady is interested — or receptive — towards you, then that should give you the little ego trip you need to ensure the conversation persists. Study the heck out of body language, because you have no idea how much it can aid you. It is the number one weapon in any master seducer’s arsenal.


I’ve barely scraped the tip of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding how to get women to like you. But hopefully I’ve given you some thoughts and ideas, and you may even start to apply yourself. Maximizing yourself is mostly a physical pursuit; honing your alpha-male traits is mostly a mental pursuit; and learning body language is a combination of the two. If you can even improve one of those areas, you will already be a much better seducer than you were before you read this article.

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