Vulcan XL319 Landing At Sunderland

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Avro Vulcan Bomber XL319 landing at the now demolished Sunderland Airport, around 1983.

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  1. I was 9 at the time of this and watched it from the hill at town end farm : ) At the top next to the pylon and the old gun turret/ air raid shelter thing that used to be there ahhh those where the days i also saw this plane in an air show from the same place i think it was the year before this i remember feeling the engines resinate through my chest i'd never seen anything like it at the time and i thought it was the coolest thing ever : )

  2. I think that they were blow accross the runway/taxi strip. They had been warned not to get too clsoe to the back of the aircraft as it would run off fuel to save having to pump it all out. I think they thought it had shut down, but it spooled up again. This is the ITV news report, the BBC one was a bit shorter because of it (i think!)

  3. A few months ago, I was walking from Hylton Castle to Hylton Redhouse and I heard a loud aircraft engine. I looked up to see a Vulcan flying overhead. An old man was watching the plane circling the NELSAM (North East Land Sea and Air Museum) and I said, "Hope he's not hoping to land, he's about 32 years too late."

    Turns out, it wasn't a lost bomber or time travel, it was a flyby of the last airworthy Vulcan on a tour of the country. Quite spectacular sight.

  4. For those wondering about the fate of XL319, it's at the Sunderland aircraft museum and has been painted on one side. You can sometimes sit in the cockpit and it's awesome but so small there's no room to swing a cat! You might get in if you're lucky! 🙂

  5. I was in Castle View school the day this machine flew over the houses to land. If I'd known, I'd have "dolled off" to go & watch it! Damn shame that airfield closed, I used to love going up there at the weekend, watching the parachutist sand even the models they used to fly on the south side. ..but I suppose you can't complain about the jobs Nissan created on the site.

  6. My mate (Donald Simpson) and me are the two lumps at the end of the runway taking about 7 reels of 36 exposure film on a zenith EM slr, the feeling was epic when '319' flew just over our heads, the soud, smell, heat and windrush were fantastic

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