Who Believes the New Testament?

It is called the Word of God but the bible is a conglomeration of man's input along with prophecies that were given to the children of Israel. The Old Testament is composed of the Septuagint (a composite written by seventy men) and the stories that were upheld by the Persians as truth, such as that the earth was created in seven days. The New Testament, however, was composed by Jerome, the doctor of the Catholic Church.

He did it on the orders of Damasis, the then Bishop of Rome, after Constantine established the religion in 325 AD. He noted in his diaries how he brought various stories circulating around the empire together in a way that was acceptable after he 'adjusted' them. He also noted that he altered the Septuagint, which he translated from the Greek, to accommodate passages to support the church's claims.

He asserts that he added passages that he claimed were removed by the Jews and that he wrote the preface to many of the chapters. One can easily discern which parts were his because they stand out. Not only is the style and writing of them different but they have no bearing on the rest of the chapter in which they appear.

My reincarnation shows that there is no heaven or hell but the New Testament is designed to emphasis both these places as destinations in the after-life. This is in keeping with the Vatican's claim that it holds the keys to heaven and anyone who is not a Catholic will burn forever in hell.

It is a huge trick to get everyone into the religion to increase its power. Constantine used it to control the empire and assert his will over it. His heritage is from the Assyrian tribe called the Amor, who built Roma (reverse Amor) and became the Romans. These were empire builders who succeeded in creating the Persian Empire for which they are mentioned in ancient texts.

The religion which is governed by the New Testament is nothing but a sham. It was designed to blind people to the truth and the hero of it, Jesus Christ, was an invention of the emperor who is 666 in Revelation 13: 12-18. Of this being the Spirit left this prophecy:
"I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of O'phir" Isaiah 13:12

God did this to test the spiritual children of Israel. Those who can hear the voice within already know to come away from the fake gods and to turn to the Spirit to hear the truth.

Now the Spirit is calling on the world to listen to the truth. Are the fake gods bringing peace? Are they saving the world? Are they bringing salvation? No! It is the religious people who are being blown up, tortured, terrorized, murdered. Doesn't that tell you something?

Now, who believes in the New Testament?

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