Facing God's Judgment For This Time

There is only one judge and that has been the case for all of time. It is the Great Creator of the Universe and the Spirit that control all things. My reincarnation gave me insight into the myths and mysteries that feed religious power and how and why they were allowed. People caught in them are facing God's judgment for this time and that means that many will suffer the consequences of worship of false gods and idols.

While the real God is the Spirit of the Universe the majority of the population worship and pray to the sun. The images within the religious establishments are based on the dreams of men and the idols of Babylon. There the sun-star was modeled into the style of a woman, Mary, whom men dreamed of 'marrying'. 'Marry' and 'Mary' are the same word.

The ideas were transported to the world through the Amor wo built Roma (reverse Amor) and as the Romans they continue to build their empire and fool the world. They captured nations and they destroyed populations and enslaved survivors.

The Romans of the fictional stories are not those of reality for one of them, Constantine, is 666. He is described in Revelation 13: 12-18 as the second beast who invented the image of Jesus Christ and put Mary in the church as the Mother of God. He stole the name of the Spirit, Jesus, and used it to cause massive confusion and to put God on the cross.

Following my reincarnation and with a link to the Spirit it commissioned me to take God off the cross and expose the world of 666 for all to see. The Internet is used to do it as it is the Mountain of God promised for the last days. Through it the truth is now flowing over the world and it is unstoppable.

In retribution for the false gods and the horror they have dished out to others the judgment against those who were responsible is taking place. Wars, climate change, diseases, and other things are used by God to bring it about.

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