Emperor Constantine Is the Son of Perdition

The Assyrian

The bible has many names for the one described as the Son of Perdition. He is the Assyrian and the Amorite and for good reason. Constantine was of the Assyrian line of descent and his tribe was the Amors. ‘Amor’ reversed is Roma and that is the Capital city they built after their invasion of Italy. It was constructed on seven hills in recognition of the sun as their Mother God. Her name in antiquity was ‘Ma-r-i’ for Mother’s Powerful Eye, and that is Mary in English.

Murderer of Emperors

In reality he was no worse than any of his co-emperors except that he disposed of at least 3 of them in murderous raids that saw their families and armies also wiped out. What makes him more notable, however, is his establishment of the Roman Catholic Church. This was done through the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

He Invented Jesus Christ

Revelation 13:14-18 states that he had the power to put forward an image of a man that was killed with a sword but who rose again. It also notes that he had power to make the world worship the image and that he bears the number 666 in his name.

The image of that man is Jesus Christ that was used to credit his religion with power. With that invention he built several churches on sites identified by his mother as places where Christ was born, crucified and buried. She even came to Rome with tales that she had parts of the original cross the nails that held the figure to the cross.

Power to Change Spirit God into a Man

Of course we are speaking of 300 years after he supposedly died and after the Romans raised the city of Jerusalem to the ground in 70AD. Not even the foundations of that cities wall survived the onslaught.

His religion opposed God and built a barrier to the truth. He used heaven and hell as weapons to force worship of his god and he altered the date of Easter from the ancient festival of equinox to the first full moon afterwards. As the Son of Perdition and as 666 he is identified in the bible as the Assyrian.

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