Who Was The Bengals Boomer Esiason’s Favorite Receiver?

The Cincinnati Bengals have had an up and down history over the years. They have experienced some very good seasons that saw them make Super Bowl appearances and go deep into the playoffs. They have also had some down years where they ended up at the bottom of the league in terms of win – loss records.

One of the best quarterbacks the team ever had was Boomer Esiason. Esiason came out of college and made an immediate impact on the Bengals. He played with them for a number of years before moving on to the New York Jets and eventually the Arizona Cardinals. He would also find his way back to Cincinnati before he retired from the league.

The Bengals with Boomer at quarterback were known as a passing team and they did put up good numbers. Together they won some big games too. Since then, he has moved on to the broadcast booth and has done a great job on both television and the radio, but who though was Boomer Esiason’s favorite receiver during his NFL career?

No player caught more touchdown passes thrown by Boomer Esiason during their career that the great Bengals wide receiver Eddie Brown. Brown and Esiason teamed up for 39 touchdowns during the time they played together as teammates. Some of those were very memorable too, especially for Bengals fans. This is less than ten ahead of the player in second place in that category.

Boomer’s Bengals were a fun team to watch and he was a great player. The team also featured some very good receivers around him, and they deserve some of the credit for Boomer’s good career numbers too.

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