Youth Football – Are All Cat Skinning Methods Created Equal?

Skinning Cats in Youth Football

I’ve heard the saying «There are many ways to skin a cat» a few times and I tend to agree with it when in context. True, there are many ways to skin cats, but what do the skins look like when they are finished, are they of equal quality? Did each method require the same resources and input? Were some methods more efficient and more effective than others or are all end results and inputs exactly the same?

There are literally hundreds of cat skinning methods, if you don’t care what the pelt looks like, here are a few:

The Unlimited Resource method:

This method requires that you have the worlds best cat skinning equipment at your disposal. You need the csz14 skinner, the zbst9 puller, the y92 injector, 4 gallons of the inc1 chemical and 7 of the best olbg9 knives in the market place. This technique requires you have at least 1 month of work time available, 7 days a week for 8 hours per day to perform the task properly. These are the finest quality tools money can buy. While we realize most, if not all of you will not have these resources or time available, this is a very effective method for skinning cats.

The Inept Resource Method

This method is popular with skinners that think their resources so inept that they can’t do even simple things like pull skins or even trap the cats to begin with. This method often requires a ton of busy work that doesn’t add much to the end product, like washing the cat over and over and over BEFORE he gets skinned, then leaving a bloody pelt as the end product. This skinners shop looks OK from the outside, it looks like it’s in good heavy use. This method utilizes lots of pliers and old fashioned knives and cleavers. This process requires you keep your knives very clean and sparkly, but never ever sharpen them. While the goal of cat skinners is to have a clean well cut pelt at the end, this pelt is often ragged, dirty and of very poor quality. This method is often passed down from one generation of cat skinners to the next or even in extremely deprived remote areas, one to another.

The Lion Skinner Method

This is a very cutting edge stuff even beyond the unlimited resource method. This method uses tools and techniques that Lion Skinners use. While very few cat skinners have any success using this method at all, they watch and read about Lion Skinners and think that they can succeed where no other cat skinner has succeeded. The Lion skinners use very advanced techniques that most physically and mentally mature Lion Skinners can execute. While none of the cat skinners have the tools or resources of the Lion Skinner, they try to copy their methods the best they can. Never mind that the cat is 1/20th the size of the Lion and has much less muscle mass and a totally different pelt make up. Some of those using this method chalk their lack of results up to «preparing their assistants to be lion skinners when they grow up». Unfortunately many of the assistant cat skinners using this method give up cat skinning altogether because of their lack of success and never end up giving lion skinning a chance when they get older. Oh and by the way when using this method make sure you have plenty of well trained highly experienced Lion Skinners doing the work, if you don’t it fails miserably.

The Average Method:

This method assumes you have the resources at your disposal that most cat skinners have, pliers, knives, wash basins. It doesn’t assume you have the best cat skinning tools available. It doesn’t assume you have weeks of 8 hour days to get the job done. It is a simple process that assumes your cats are like the average cats the author has observed over the last 15 years and assumes the skinner is a teachable person. The average method uses proven techniques that countless skinners have used to produce very high quality pelts in a relatively short period of time. It uses basic techniques, but requires these basic simple techniques be preformed flawlessly and in a specific order. It does however use a few what a handful of skinners would call «advanced» techniques, that if the directions are followed are quite simple to execute, even with limited tools and limited time. This method isn’t real flashy and it won’t get the skinner in any cat skinning publications, but it is usually quite effective.

What kind of skinner will you be? What will your pelt look like?

All processes end up with a cat pelt, but what does it look like and at what cost?

There are many ways to skin the youth football coaching cat, but what kinds of resources and time do you have available? Most fit into the average resources and limited time category. With the right priorities and system/methodology your «pelts» can look better than those using the other methods. There is a «best» or most effective approach for coaching your team, depending on your inputs and constraints. Don’t get caught trying to go the unlimited resources or lion skinner route unless your resources align with the requirements. In laymans terms that’s trying to fit a 1 foot round peg into a 6 inch square hole. It will never work and will be terribly frustrating for all involved.

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