How Many Teenagers Find Out in a Day in UK? Teenage Cancer Trust

Cancer is unfortunately one of the most causes of non accidental but cruel death in teenagers these days. At the age of 15 a teenager have 1 out of 600 percent chances of developing cancer. But at the age of 24 the person has chances 1 out of 285 for developing cancer. From past 3 decades the chances of cancer in teenagers have been increased by 50%. The number of teenagers having cancer now exceeds the number of total the children having the cancer.

Each day 6 teenagers in UK find it out that they have cancer. That is over 2200 more diagnosis of cancer each year. In this situation there is the need to enhance the facilities of hospitals and care centers for those patients. Teenage cancer trust is the charity the focus on the needs of teenagers having cancer, leukemia and many more related form of diseases. These charities provide special facilities and specialist at National Health Services centers and hospitals specifically for cancer patients. This charity had 10 units in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, News castle but their goal is to have at least 22 units in all areas in UK till 2012.

The basic way of getting funds by Teenage cancer trust is to organize concerts every year at Royal Albert Hall. In these concerts artist play music, or comedy acts on the stage. From last 10 years it is the most eagerly anticipated concerts of the year in UK.

Trust Event is just on his to come. This year the charity is just working for the sake of those who really need help. This year on Mon, Mar 21, 2011 the concerts will start. A simple line up for charity concerts is available.

• Monday 21 March: An evening of comedy with John Bishop, Kevin Bridges and Greg Davies

• Tuesday 22 March: Squeeze and The Feeling

• Wednesday 23 March: Biffy Clyro

• Thursday 24 March: Roger Daltrey CBE performs The Who’s Tommy

• Friday 25 March: Beady Eye

• Saturday 26 March: Editors

• Sunday 27 March: Tinie Tempah

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