Oxford 0-1 Sunderland. We Wish Grant Leadbitter All The Best.

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Great win today Sunderland beaten Oxford 0-1 goal Jordan Willis. Lets Hope Sunderlands Grant Leadbitter comes back to Sunderland as a Coach.

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  1. Being good in defence is just as important as scoring. We nicked it by a single goal so well done to the Lads. Just shows if it ain’t broken don’t fix it! Crucial victory which puts us breathing right down the necks of those above us. Well done. 👍👍👍⚽️⚽️⚽️

  2. He's building a good squad is parky and I fancied us the day I thought we wadnt get beaten and we were fully capable of getting a goal ? We got it in the 2nd minute and how many times last season did we gan on and win ? Not friggen many 🤔we have a defence now and this young lad that's came here from Coventry looks like he's a steal will ownly get better will he gan arl the way Willis ? If we gan up which arl of us want we Ganna see them coming and gannin ! That's how it is be a pity 4 some but we can give them our best n support 3pts the day we really gettin there now ! Well done the lot o yuz down oxford the day great in arl depts 😳😋😜😍😂😂

  3. Good hard 3pts 2day mate if only we could played like this 4 bout 8 to 10 games be4 we beat doncaster away we would be top of league now glad u mentioned our fans mate they deserve as much praise as the lads lets now just get the job done🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪👍

  4. Technically Willis is a midget compared to other CBs but all seriousness he is class massive win today for me the biggest yet we played Oxford in the league 3 times in the league never beat them Parkinson plays Oxford once in the league and we win and also the fact we got the goal in the 3rd minute and kept it for 87 minutes is incredible 3 points off the top 2 now credit goes to Parky and the team absolutely fantastic since the turn of the year happy days mate

  5. Home at last…to cold/tired to say anything except…..
    1) We rode our luck big time
    2) Bailey Wright is a premier league footballer
    3) Willis is a beast
    4) Wyke sadly not good enough, awful hold up play. To slow.
    5) We as fans are simply the best there is. #sing4leadbitter
    6) Watching Parky on the line, genuinely seems to love this club

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