Chloe Sunderland: The MGTOW Matriarch

chandal valencia cf La camiseta perfecta! Me daba miedo que fuera muy entallada como decian algunos comentarios.. Me cogi una talla mas. Me va algo ancha pero perfecta!

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19 comentarios sobre «Chloe Sunderland: The MGTOW Matriarch»

  1. Holy cow – this ' female ' has more ink on her than the Sunday Star Ledger. She claims she will teach a man how to be a man: yeah, right, sure she will. Though not a man herself, her status as a female is, at best, questionable. Now ' gender fluidity ' seems to have a new poster person named " Chloe ".

  2. Unhidable neck tattoos is a life sentence for alternative jobs. You arent gonna work at a bank or or sell realestate when you present yourself to the world like that. I dont even think id buy drinks from her if she was bartending.

  3. 2 points :
    1- Leech channels surfing the MGTOW wave
    2- thirsty simps who wish they can GTOW and start slobbering as soon as they see a female and are just looking for any excuse to worship some fish hole again.

  4. Theses cooperation set all this up to fail good hard working honest men to keep , check to confuse us to continue to work for hourly pay to keep you poor while women are getting rich off us it’s not fair , women are also quicker to get a car, house faster then men .

  5. I like her only her appearance and look say alot……she is a former fosterchild and personal i hate with passion CPS…..and the Tattoos say she is badley damage……she got a kid and her Ex beat the shit of her ! She want the warrior typpe…………she crave to be protected ! I bet she was hurt by older womans wen she was a child in foster…….

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