Bolton 1-1 Sunderland. BYE BYE MR NICE JACK ROSS.

Sunderland went to Bolton today to play a side that has not won all season. Sunderland came away with a lucky point with an Aiden McGeady Penalty.

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  1. Does anything else in the world compare to the passion real fans have for their football club, be it Premier league or Sunday League? We feel every emotion, sometimes almost at the same time. I still think you will go up but not automatically, as things stand. There's always tomorrow and the next game.

  2. Mate was at blackpool all day sat so didnt hear match glad i didnt but was talking 2 loads of sunderland fans at the service station on the way 2 the match not one of them thought we win easily with ross in charge he has 2 go now hes lost the team mate wel end up loosing loads of fans under him and u cant blame them anyway good vid well put🔴⚪🔴⚪

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