Transfer Special – S04 EP1 – Sunderland 'Til I Die Football Manager 2020 FM20

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The Football Manager 2020 TRANSFER SPECIAL Sunderland ‘Til I Die «Let’s Play» series I am taking over as Sunderland manager. Inspired by the Netflix …

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  1. Squad's looking decent losing Greenwood and Nelson was always going to be tough. Boadu I've seen do really well on some saves it's a bit of a gamble but on the prem the money is never too much to worry about. Selling Dobson could be important still maybe an upgrade out wide to replace Nelson and keeping Perez. I'd consider use the little release clause exploit (setting the asking price lower than the release clause then rejecting the offer of that price believe or not it still works 🙈) if you can't get him a new contract. Some nice signings though Odegaard for 13 mil could be steal and of course
    Not sure on the answer I wasn't born until 1996🙈 guessing it's not 20

  2. I do feel first of all it's a little more of a gamble of rushing and spending that kind of amount on a striker which would have been the first thing to do.
    Woodburn would be a good backup if you do use him.
    But I'm not seeing much of the academy players other than a few wonderkids you bought.
    No news on backroom staff shuffle which I feel should have been mentioned..
    All the same good luck to you mate and get some competition in the goal keeping section would you.

    Miss Pickering in the team though.

  3. I lucked out and managed to score Fati (18 years old) for only 20mil because he was unhappy at barcà while i was managing Ajax, he absolutely tears up the dutch league as you can imagine!

  4. Awesome save man, Im doing a Sunderland save myself right now! How did you get the kits for for example Real Madrid and Newcastle to be old retro kits? Im a big fan of retro shirts, and would love to have that in my game as well!

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