Chloe Sunderland Scam

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Chloe Sunderland never says no to money, Scamming men out of their hard earned cash, Scams are nothing new but using a men’s movement as a solid cover …

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  1. Her idea of uplifting men is by bringing down females and the METOO movement. That’s why most of us females ignore and stay clear of her. Trust me, most of us know what she’s trying to do and what audience she targets.

  2. Hey man what you’re doing is so important, thank you. She’s an absolute nightmare. You’re only using the facts and reporting it very well. Please continue no matter what, we need the traction. She just shouldn’t have a platform and quite possibly should be in jail. Look into the death threats she got some of her followers, many of which are minors, to send to the tiktoker royalrudemood

  3. Honestly, if she is selling nudes why are we assuming all of those guys are being manipulated? If a guy goes to a strip club, are they unaware of what they are doing? Did the stripper force them into the bar? If she is making money on this I think it's shitty to assume all of those patrons are just desperately lonely and unaware of what they are actually getting themselves into. Some guys just wanna see a girl naked, some might actually support her cause, and yes some might be extremely lonely. I don't understand why that is being used to vilify her.

  4. You are right on a lot of your views. I’m not a fan that’s for certain. But don’t shame them most of her followers are well to do men that just like what she says. She has some wonderful points and most of them don’t see all the other things. She is not Poised enough to lead anyone. She’s violent, hateful, and quite wretched. True leaders would never!!! Most believe she’s speaking for them so just leave it like one guy’s does, they are just men.

  5. She has whipped her daughter w her own clothing super hard! Also spanks her if she interrupts her videos. I wish I could show minors but I can’t do that! Her kid has to grow up n I don’t want to put her out there like that. I have gave the proper authorities the evidence!

  6. Your'e missing the entire point of her videos. She clearly states that men are not objects for women to force them to pay more money for no reason. There's a huge difference in men spending money on what ever we want as long as it's legal. That is something totally different than women trying to force men to pay them for things the women dont deserve. Learn the difference.

  7. She uses cult tactics 101. “I’m the only one who understands you” “It’s us against the world.” “I’m the only one who can save you” “Everyone else is trying to gaslight you” If you look at her fans videos, they are men going through a very hard time and she’s taking advantage of them. Even if these men disregard her treatment of women, how can they disregard her clear manipulation of men?

  8. I started seeing her videos about a month or so ago. When I saw the videos my eyes rolled back in my head.. She's playing men like Trump plays his supporters. Tell them whatever they want to hear, attack anyone who tries to call you out, and then bank off of the "supporters" She has a shirt that says, "Men are more than piggybanks…" yet here she is treating them like that hahaha.. I feel like it should be easy to see this scam, but when I say something I'm just a jealous woman 🙄🙄🙄

  9. Thank you it’s about time people start putting her…..besides yell on the internet she’s done nothing to support men’s mental health or rights…..she also ruthlessly attacked my friend after chloe posted how gross and Augustine sex workers are-my friend called her out on it because well chloe has an onlyfans….. she’s a bitter girl and definitely not the kind of person you want as the face of men’s mental health….. she manipulate everyone she comes into contact with and it’s sad

  10. From a womans perspective (and no it's not bitterness or upset or fearful of being exposed) what she's doing is entirely too transparent. She's disingenuous and she found a niche "market" she can't even remain consistent in. And what worries me is how many aren't seeing this.
    It's just a matter of time until it becomes more of a topic of discussion but in the meantime, to reverse uno on her, woman to woman, Chloe I see you 😉

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