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  1. Great series Matt. Think the team is as far as it can come in terms of improvement. I know you've got your new project that you're looking forward to, I think I can tell that you wanna get that started. Maybe in the future you can come back to this save and accept a job offer from another club if there are any offers that interest you. Would be interesting to see what kind of players you'd buy or take with you from Sunderland. All in all, probably one of the best teams you've ever built, and although sometimes it felt a little unrealistic, I think this is still a fitting end for this Sunderland team. Nice work. 🙂

  2. Villarreal
    Take this as a challenge 😎😎
    Do Villarreal, we really miss Yellow Submarine fighting for the honors. The goal is to Win the Copa Del Rey, Europa League and Champions League qualifications with in three seasons. But you can only spend maximum 60 million in one season. Take the challenge and if you fail you need to Player career mode with Harry Kane for at least a season.

  3. I love you Matt but every r2g it’s the same, just signing young players with amazing potential, doing amazing in the first season of the prem, winning stuff you shouldn’t really win in that season

  4. There's no point going on who do you sign and what do you play for. That's the problem with career mode goes stale very quickly.

    The difficulties don't fell hard enough. Around other teams. It needs to be more indepth like football manger but with the gameplay.

  5. A suggestion for a series could be that you can only use the players in one season!
    Or mod it a bit saying you can keep a maximum of 2-5 players or something like that.
    I would do it if I was any good at the game xD

  6. Do a career experiment with the best team of every career you've done then put them in a league and see what happens, or pick one of the teams and do a season or two with them.

  7. If you win the champions league, the next season on the arm of the shirt there will be the trophy badge saying the year you won it. Have a look, it only appears the season after you win the tournament & obviously only in champions league games!

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