Wycombe 1-0 Sunderland. The Only Way Is Up…

Sunderland went to Wycombe today and lost the battle 1-0. Phil Parkinson Needs to sort this team out ready for Tuesday nights game at home to Tranmere …

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  1. When brexit comes and Nissan goes we won't have any jobs or any money. Watching a safc matches live or streamed once or twice a season will be the highlight of our year no more holidays abroad.. At least consider the fans when you put on that shirt.
    We all need to share some success to keep our community together.

  2. why is north east football in the doldrums. its such a shame the north east was once a hot bed for football now its a disgrace looks like u lot will at least be getting a derby next season with Middlesbrough looks like they will go down. as for us am sick of fighting for relegation every season north east football is a disgrace at this moment in time.

  3. I cart ubderstand why he got the job why not Kevin Phillie's he knows the fans he knows the place he is young eager he has be a brilliant first team coach he really wanted the job plus the fans would have give him time and why the fuck would you give a manager a 2 1/2 year deal email Marra on sjhenzell@yahoo.com

  4. I went to the Wycombe match and we were poor…shots score goals – and we had one serious shot when McGready hit the bar (good save mind).
    There was no "New Manager bounce" and only "positive" is that Mr Parkinson has seen first up how bad we've become. We may now be in the 3rd division for a long time.

  5. I can remember my home town team St. Albans City playing Wycombe in the Ishtmian League at Loakes Park. never in a million years when my dad used to take me to St. Albans would I have thought Sunderland and Wycombe would be in the same league.
    All these problems are happening while we are in the EU, bring on BREXIT and it will all change.
    By the way, totally agree with you, but if we keep performing like this we are in danger of just becoming another middle order team and this cannot be allowed to happen.

  6. We are dreadful. Leadbitter finished. 1 upfront bad but when wyke cant control a ball, hold ball up, hes to clueless hes too busy grappling on with defenders when ball is already at him. Connor mc is awful, not parkinsons fault but not right man for the job in my opinion. Players not good enough. League 1 at best next few years. Dreadful mate. Great vlog pal

  7. Well said matey not getting at parkinson gotta give him a chance but my god hes got his work cut out sick of people going on bout grigg and wyke 4 gods sake get rid massive changes needed in jan mate u were spot on sunderland fans are not happy felt 4 those fans yesterday they deserve better than this 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪not looking 4ward 2 tues

  8. Forget about the cups and any other mickey mouse trophies, IMO you must give everything to the league. As a Luton Town fan we learnt this lesson the hard way as it took us 5 seasons to get out of non league but we are in the Championship now.

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