Jack Ross Has Left Sunderland A.F.C. and TAKEOVER NEWS

Stuart Donald Has Let Jack Ross Go and is in the process of finding a new manager. Jack Ross Good Luck in your Future. Who Should Stuart Donald Bring in ?

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  1. Mad i understand where you are coming from Chis from Milan we met briefly at the Paint pot trophy final in Wembley Pompey fan. So you need to get a new stool pigeon (oops manager) to get up this season. I understand you are about to get a load more money so..

    Jack Ross stablilized you after the years but i reckon you need another season like us we are where we are, we are building on youth you guys?

  2. Yeah I agree with u mate we wanted Ross 2 succeed and nobody wants to see anyone lose their job and we wish Ross all the best in the future but ultimately he wasn't good enough to manage this club to big for him should of went after the Play Off final but anyway this is the best time to sack him loads of people are already interested in the job I wouldn't mind Phillips, Hollaway, Ainsworth, Robbins, or maybe Ball the main thing is someone who is experienced in league 1 or someone who loves the club

  3. Nice to see all the Sunderland lads thanking Jack Ross and wishing him all the best whether they wanted him sacked or not. It's not as if he didn't want to succeed and he may go on to prove himself elsewhere.

  4. Stewart Donald let the Sunderland fans on social media bully him into firing Jack Ross. He barely has enough money to run the team and is scared of a boycott that will decrease attendance. Donald never had any money. He bought the club from Ellis Short for three nickels and a dime with hopes of a takeover by American, MIddle East, or Chinese interests so he can line his own pockets.

  5. A lot of things did conspire against Jack Ross…he should've just not bothered with that Check a Trade,too many games and also we also never played during the International breaks again more postponed games.I counted on 3 occasions last season that we played 5 games in 15 days…but i do honestly believe it was Pompey at Wembley were we lost it,if we had won that i honestly think that we would have went up
    Again i'm like you i wish Jack all the best for the future and i hope he is a success somewhere else

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