camiseta messi Muy bonita y buena calidad

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  1. Great to get watmore off the books and that the other 3 have been offered new contracts, but I’m a tad disappointed at Ethan robson. Not saying he’d be anything amazing, but he never got the chance and always looked something when he was on. Bit disappointed at lynch, too, I thought he was a great defender, as with Baldwin but money’s tight and hopefully it’s all a plan to bring in more players

  2. Never thought that Stewart Donald and his yes men would be worse than Ellis Short. They are going to tear this club down to the ground and the sad thing is that we can’t do anything but watch.

    There are indeed a lot of great players that are out of contract in the summer, but i don’t think they want to even come close to SAFC just because of the state it is in. Donald is never going to convince players like Gnanduillet to come here. Guess we have to scrape the barrel again then next season

  3. while watching this i thought i should check if i still had my safc direct debit set up and i did cancel when the 'no refund' news came out. guess what! i found a new safc direct debit set up. fuck sake…

  4. The D D fiasco is probably down to the standard software used . Where the disgrace lays is Donald refusing refunds in the first place . Did he believe this is the only way he can finance the club in this strange climate ?. or something more sinister . The fact that the second point of view is being discussed speaks volumes as to his current standing with a lot of fans . In trying to charge season ticket prices for streaming , which lets face looks like how we'll have to watch our football next season , he's done a Ratner . Gerald Ratner was caught on camera at a share holders meeting of His nation wide jewellery   chain boosting we'll have a great next year , mugs keep on buying our rubbish tat . he was right , maybe the dumbest man alive none the less . The room went silent , he later tried to roll it back but surprise , surprise Ratners sank without a trace .  In terms of purely PR Donalds stunt is nearly as bad .Totally agree he's offered JM a contract to appear to try and keep him .

  5. I would say it’s disappointing lafferty left. He only played a full 90 minutes in one game and he scored twice. Wyke has scored ten goals in two years and considering we paid decent money for him, he’s been a let down and won’t get us out of the league, so we definitely need a another striker with presence.
    Great shout on going for gnanduillet.

  6. Great video mate, couldn't agree more, I've renewed my season ticket so just gonna wait and c what happens. Glad we slowly getting rid of dead wood again, need at least 10 new signings in as quick as possible but don't rush into getting shite in again.. we need pace in this league.. so players with a lot of pace will make me happy. #KEEPTHEFAITH 🔴⚪🔴⚪

  7. (Just finished the video and realised you mentioned gnanduillet and maddison. I wrote this before.) Apparently Grigg wants to leave now, good!
    Armarnd Gnanduillet from Blackpool is a free agent as well as Marcus Maddison. We HAVE to get them surely. They didnt sign maddison before as he would be free now.
    Think we're looking to make Wright permanent as well. That would be great.

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