SACKED IN THE MORNING – Bolton 1-1 Sunderland ft. JamSarny

Fights in the home end, getting absolutely shitfaced, a wild JamSarny spotted, drawing 1-1 and getting ever closer to the manager being sacked…away days are …

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  1. i allways agree with you bro but i have to say jack ross in but need to wake up we cant aford no more manager we had about 6manager and all walked out but wyke on for maguire yeah thats bad that like 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  2. Good video bonny lad as usual but what a pile of fuckin' shite. Jack needs to hit the road sharpish cos if he doesn't we dinnit stand a chance of gannin' up. Nee passion, nee plan A or B and nee fuckin' clue cos when i saw that team line up and who he had left on the bench and put on instead i thought that cunt broke more than his crown when he fell down that fuckin' hill and a was fuckin' fumin' to say the least. He needs to gan and fuckin' now the wrongun'

  3. Ross out man over a year hes been in job still hasnt got a clue what his best team or formation is. He can have grigg as compensation. But donald like the summer transfers will sit on his fucking hands. And we sign a LB on loan thats injured WTF is it with this club signing injured fucked players. If we get taken over first thing sack Ross second sack entire recruitment team .

  4. "A team full of under 23's just finished their gcse's.????.What a pile of bollocks..How many times to sunderland fans do i need to say this…This current team is NOT the same team that let in goals left reet & centre.! Get them facts reet.

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