Use Best URL Rotator to Split Test Landing Pages and Offer or Thank-You Pages – A Key to Optmization

Most of the URL rotators available nowadays can rotate multiple landing pages easily. For ex, if you have 10 different websites and want to see which one performs better for same kind and amount of traffic, then you can use a URL rotator and define 10% share for each website and then direct all your traffic to its main link so it would automatically send 10% of total traffic to each of your website.

But what if you want to split test your offer or thank-you pages as well? As you see in the earlier mentioned case, that there are 10 different websites and a URL rotator can send traffic to each equally or as per the defined share%. But in case you have a single landing page and multiple offer or thank-you pages and want to see which combination works the best, you would need something better. Here's where AtomTrack URL rotator comes in the picture.

This URL Rotator can let you create rotation profile in minutes. The best part is that you can rotate offer or thank-you pages as well by creating a rotation profile. It is a self hosted tool so all your URLs remains completely private. Since it is ajax enabled so you do more work in lesser clicks. Installation is very easy and there's a wiki dedicated to it and you get full support.

This tool is very useful for PPV campaigns too. As you might know that PPV traffic sources can send a lot of traffic in very less period of time so optimization is very crucial and without split testing every part of your website, it could be very hard to make any profit. So if you're using the rite tool, you can save your time and money. All that you would need is a set of landing and offer pages promoting some affiliate offer.

First you can create a rotation profile for landing pages in AtomTrack URL rotator and define equal share% for each page and send the traffic to the rotator URL rotation link which would then redirect the traffic to your different landing pages. Then check the conversion stats for different landing pages and see which one yielded more number of profit.

Once you've a clear winner out of your set of landing pages, then you may try to find which is the best offer page. For finding the best offer page ie the one that converts the best for a given kind of traffic and offer, you can create a offer page rotation profile by defining share% for each of your offer page in the rotator profile and then send all your traffic to winning landing page. The tiny part of the rotator script sitting in your landing page would automatically send the visitors to different offer pages from thereon. So this way you would be able to see which offer page is the best as the best performing offer page would yield more # conversions.

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