Lincoln 2-0 Sunderland. Stuart Donald My Message To You.

Sunderland lose away for the second time this season 2-0 to a Brilliant Lincoln City well done MR APPLETON. Lincoln showed more Heart and passion and …

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  1. Another defeat – another shambles, another list of lame excuses.
    We need someone like Cattermole to manage the team on the pitch from midfield.
    Of course with hindsight (an exact science) we can also now see and understand how important this organising was being done by Honeyman copying and learning from Catts ..AND remember they both scored some important goals last season.
    If Leadbitter was bought to replace Catts to do this management in the middle then he should start every game with ONien doing Honeyman's part.
    Sorry to ramble on

  2. This is as bad as the premiership when the players didn't give feck. OK scrap em and start again. Jack ill get you up to the premiership Liar probably the only man in history that's taken Charlie Methvan for a ****.

  3. Never called for Ross's head but enough is enough. We have to be careful as we will just turn into a Sheffield United stuck in this shit tip of a league for best part of a decade. The scouts are shit the manager is shit and the owner is just a Btech Del boy I've had enough

  4. Ross is turning into the new Dave Moyes , strikers can't score, goal keeper making mistakes, Ross not up to it what an embarrassment for SAFC. I've seen some bad times but I'm losing the plot now. I feel sorry for all the fans who went to the game.

  5. Appleton is a very under rated manager. Did well with Portsmouth on a terrible budget, I'd have him at the toon then this muppet bruce. Was looking forward to a derby next season howay mackems kick on and get this rivalry back next season

  6. 73 years supporting sunderland iam 82 now and have seen some crap in my time,but always gone to see the lads.Finally seen the light,if Ross the dross ever picks Wyke again,one less supporter.Would not get a game for Seaham Red Star,dreadfull.

  7. Love your passion… feel your pain!! That was terrible today. Getting beat is one thing, being out hustled quite another. Doesn't take any skill to give 100% effort, not sure anyone was giving more than 60% today. Every player on that field AND the manager should feel embarrassed by that performance. Not even close to good enough!!

  8. Well it looks like if Ross is here for the rest of the season it will be another season in league 1 again I know people have there own opinions and that's fine but anyone that still backs Ross is just ridiculous IMO and anyone saying give him until the new year that's 2 late need a change now a new manager 2 come in get to know the players find out who's good enough and who's not then hopefully come January providing the takeover is done a new manager can strengthen if need be cos we can't go on like this people say Moyes and Grayson were bad I would rather have them than Ross people need to realise they were managers when Short owned the club what do u expect every manager was destined to fail and be the scapegoat I guarantee if Moyes or Grayson were in charge do u think we would still be in league 1 think about it experienced managers in English football Ross had 1 good season with St Mirren I'm sorry but I respect Donald for everything he has done for the club but what the fuck was he thinking appointing Jack Ross Jesus Christ it's embarrassing ROSS OUT before the Wycombe game in a fortnight

  9. I'm speechless I really am. We called it on Friday about having to match the so called smaller teams desire and effort and not prancing round like big time Charlie's but yet again we don't heed the warning and are quickly chasing the game. Beyond belief it really is and so so depressing. Looks to me like ross hasn't just lost the crowd he seems to have lost the dressing room as well.

  10. Never been as concerned as much as I am now. Everything i was dreading about yesterday came true. No shape no desire. Kept looking at Ross…didnt see him bark out one order. Im not even mad / disappinted anymore as its just expected now. So sorry for onien….you could see the anguish in his face. What will happen though is we'll win next game or two and everyone Forgives Ross they forget how bad he is and then it starts all over again.

  11. To get out of this league you need a 20 goal striker and they cost money. The writing was on the wall last season when Maja went. if we can have female officials why can't we use female players?… Bridget Galloway should start, lets be different. The problem if Ross goes is who comes in, all the good managers are in work other than Big Sam and he doesn't want the job. Perhaps we just have to accept that we are here for a few seasons until we get the right blend.

  12. EUREKA!
    I've got THE positive solution to prepare the SAFC players for all their AWAY matches.
    Get a Psychiatrist in on the day of the match to hypnotise the players into thinking Wycombe Wanderers, (for example) are a Premier League Club! – job done.

  13. WHY are the fans NOT asking "Where the fuck is the money going"
    SOMEONE is creaming money from SAFC ..Big style ..
    There is NO money getting spent on players…. They all want selling to Stevenage and some QUALITY players bought ..
    The players on that pitch yesterday ..NEVER turned up…
    All they were thinking about was getting back home to snort some cocaine and nob their trophy girlfriends in the hot-tub while drinking a cool beer.
    Edit… Yet MORE League one misery next season for SAFC…

  14. The problem you face unfortunately is that the Sunderland business model quite simply only worked when you had premier league money. When the parachute payments run out at the end of this season the figures will stack up even less. The days of teams trying to buy their way out of leagues are coming to an end and Donald clearly doesn't want to keep on throwing money at a loss making business.

  15. ok very bad day at the office. plenty to work on. but I wonder is this site for the "divine righters" only? Your reference to "Happy Clappers" is divisive and inaccurate in terms of where they are coming from. NOBODY is happy about the situation, some of us just choose a different route to all the rattle throwing and dummy spitting. SAFCTV for some Sunderland fans not all eh?

  16. Was going to the Fleetwood match because i live in London and thats quite far but still going up that also happened a month ago with me The other game called off #RossOut also heard someone got a plane to match from Spain on the phone to cancel my tickets so rly SAFC don’t care about there fans

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