Do Newcastle Want Sunderland Back? | FAN VIEW

With Chris Coleman’s Sunderland teetering on the brink of League One, let’s ask some Newcastle fans whether they would like their North-East rivals back in the …

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  1. Only one "geordie" accent out of everyone asked. I would rather be in league 1 than support a club who sold it soul to Mr. Ashley, promotes no local talent, does fuck all for the community. They are by far the Arsenal of the north with cringeworthy embarrassing fans who demand far too much of a team who still think they're big because of what they did in the late 90's early 00's. Roy Keane hit the nail on the head "they always were an arrogant bunch for a club that has won fuck all" absolute embarrassment of a football club

  2. As a Sunderland fan I can't disagree with most of these points of view because if the shoe was on the other foot I would feel exactly the same. It's much better for the great unwashed to say they'd like us to fade into oblivion than them to say they will miss us.

  3. As a Newcastle i don't have a single ounce of sympathy for Sunderland they deserve everything that came to then they were never enough for the prem and now not good enough for the championship see karmas a real bitch ,take your 6 in row and enjoy Accrington Stanley away

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