Absolutely heartbroken to have lost the game but at the end of the day we didn’t deserve to win, we didn’t turn up at all. Can’t fault the fans though excellent as …



    We'll watch you cry on Netflix!

    Commented this before watching, cheers for the wishes for next season, you don't belong in League One, hurry up and come join us for next year against the Toons. Genuinely unlucky, would have hated to be on the other end, good luck for next year.

  2. At least its a mackem who proved beyond doubt he's the best midfielder the north east has ever produced yesterday. Jordan Henderson captain of Liverpool lifting the champions league trophy gives us a little pride back. The skunks can laugh for now but they always bottle it when we're in their faces. We didn't get beat off them with 6 seconds to go but it was us who have beat them 6 in a row. There's a full generation of little skunks running about Benwell who have never known a skunk victory over us. You can't change that fact no one can. We'll be back just like we always are and that's what pisses them off more than anything.

  3. Respect for the people who support the club even on bad time. All the best. Remember changes happen in the world. With a rise there is also a fall. Things change,time will change it. Hope 4 the best.👍

  4. Guys… Commiserations. BUT there was a bit of an AJ attitude when u came down to League 1. Sunderland are there for a reason.. Just like Charlton were there for a reason. It was painful for us too. It took a while and we learned our lesson. You guys will too. There are some decent sides in League 1. Consolidate and adapt…

  5. Charlton fan here obviously over the moon we got the result but do feel sorry for you Mackems what brilliant supporters you are and you don't deserve to be in league 1. The result on Sunday meant more to me than 98 as our club under present ownership would be in real problems if we stayed down but there is a glimmer of hope now. Like last time I hope you storm the division next year after the loss at Wembley. It was a pleasure to speak to some of you before and after on Sunday and as I said genuinely wish you all the best for next season.

  6. Sunderland fans are absolute class and have tons of respect for you lot! Heartbreaking that both these teams couldn't be promoted but I've got my bets on for you to go up next year! Hope to see you next season ♥️ (CAFC fan)

  7. Great video – as a Charlton fan I can really feel your disappointment. I was at the last playoff in 98 and remember the following season you walked it ( and we went down!) – hopefully not repeat from our perspective. Like you, we have been through a lot in recent years and every now and then you get a moment of great joy – and I am sure you will get it next year. Really enjoying the Netflix series too – much more real than the Man City one…all the best….

  8. After that disastrous own goal l was expecting a hurricane from you but it turned out to be a breeze. Big clubs like yourselves steeped in history shouldn’t be I shit street like this, blame poor management and owners. I remember one spell in league 1 a few years back playing Norwich, Southampton and Sheffield Utd and look where they are now, it can be done but fuck knows how on our budget

  9. Good luck to Sunderland, I think your fans are first class.
    Enjoyed your video viewed from the other side, when you all sang Sunderland FC, it was just so so loud.
    Hoping you get out of League One next season, it felt like an eternity for us

  10. good video fella. Like a lot of people, i have a real affection for Sunderland. Great supporters with passion and a sense of humour. You'll be back and better no doubt. In the meantime just enjoy winning all the time for a few years. From a Charlton fan

  11. Just come across this and great video. Sunderland fans on that day were some of the best I've met with great banter before the game and very fair and gracious after with no trouble at all. Best of luck for next season and hopefully we stay up and see you in the championship. You Sunderland fans done your club proud from a charlton fan

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