Sunderland Football The Passion

Sunderland Football present a tribute video dedicated to Sunderland Football club and its tremendous supporters. Haway the lads.

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  1. love the videos, check out my song new 5-1, I've been a Sunderland fan for ever, I bleed red and white, I wrote my song after the Derby game, I was feeling so low, I went on a bender, after reading the papers and listening to endless crap on the radio and TV, and my mobile not stoping with texts from none Sunderland fans, my song was born,I have always been a folk singer and always written about my beloved town Sunderland, I always sing in Makem to, Cheers The Makem Folk Singer

  2. old fulwell ender – townies – sandies – jarra – heburn – gateshead – pit yakers from sheilds to hartlepool – durham – ashington – hexham – morpeth – newcastle yes newcastle reds – washington – scotish borders – what times we had as one bad good ugly we had the lot we seen the lot as one however diffrent we spoke we all sung the same songs and fort as one never forget those days now its the young ones turns well just a little cos waa not deed yit

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