Here's Why Man United Signed Edinson Cavani!

Edinson Roberto Cavani Gómez is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a striker for the Uruguay national team and is currently a free agent since June 2020. He last played for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain.
Full name: Edinson Roberto Cavani
Date of birth: 14 February 1987 (age 33)
Place of birth: Salto, Uruguay
Height: 1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)
Playing position: Striker
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41 comentarios en «Here's Why Man United Signed Edinson Cavani!»

  1. I reckon the best time of the year 2020 to get Cavani on a free, he don't come cheap and it is not United can't pay him and I do believe he was God Sent to United since nodoby wanted Cavani since he became free agent. Hahaha !

  2. to a large extent this is what we do need, someone with the likes of his mentality, on and off the ball, fighting no matter what, i do hope he is fit and still has that sharpness is all, in addition to his skills and vision in passing, similar to bruno so hope they link up well, he's a striker on top of that a through and through number nine with a knack of knocking one in, i mean except for his recent season where he did not play as much for whatever reasons, he has always scored above 15 goals, avg. above 20, entire decade!

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  4. "We can see he is not a Mourinho type player at all. He is so young fast
    and talented exciting player for the future of the United team. Maybe
    ten years at the top level at least. A typical Man United type player
    rather than Mourinho who only signs old players"

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