Croatia vs. France reaction: Why is Paul Pogba better with France than Manchester United? | ESPN FC

Frank Leboeuf and Julien Laurens join Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to react to France’s 2-1 victory over Croatia in the UEFA Nations League. Laurens expects midfielder Paul Pogba to take his fine form with the national team back to Manchester United now that he has built match fitness and confidence, while Leboeuf praises France coach Didier Deschamps for his ability to get the most out of Pogba. The group also discuss the impact that Antoine Griezmann’s goal will have when he returns to Ronald Koeman’s Barcelona.

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30 comentarios en «Croatia vs. France reaction: Why is Paul Pogba better with France than Manchester United? | ESPN FC»

  1. you are wrong. When pogba came back, he came on as a sub to get us a draw against Tottenham. Then after we were winning comfortably until later when every one looks tired because they played so many games. So u think if pogba was not part of the team you will get a draw against Tottenham? You will win a run of games that took you to 3rd? Be sincere. Fred has been back to square one since the corona break. He doesn't pass the ball well. People are just saying rubbish as if they have not tried all combinations of the midfielders at united. The best combination we saw is
    Matic Pogba

    Everyone knows this, every pundits agrees. Until now that united is back at being rubbish. Bring in Fred and let's see how u go forward and create something.

  2. It's because international football is a step down from domestic football. Coaches don't have the time with the players to do anything with tactics – it takes a top coach like Klopp or Guardiola months and months, even years, to instil his tactics into a team before they understand his football. International coaches don't have that time. Therefore players who are weak tactically aren't shown up in international football, flair players play better, and there is more space all around the pitch for players to exploit.

    Doing well in international football is not an indication of being a good player.

  3. He doesn't love Manchester United he only loves the money he gets. This is why we need to sell him, because he's not apart of the team. Whenever we start losing all of sudden he's injured and can't play again until we start winning.

  4. easy
    1. He doesn't believe in the team
    2. He goes from playing with Antoine griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, and Lucas Digne to Luke Shaw, Harry Maguire, and A young Mason greenwood (not to knock united, but come on, France would destroy united)

  5. Looks like they got two apologists for Pogba instead of objective journalists. Responsibility of performance goes both ways, sure, the manager must try to get the most out of talents at his proposal, but it’s ridiculous to suggest it’s fine for one player to perform better for country over club because he feels better playing for one manager over the other. Especially ridiculous for someone with his salary and someone who acts like he’s a world class player.

  6. His biggest problem is not him or the players around him.because even Rashford has been better than Grezman later.
    Your haters who keep Making stupid noice about everything he does at united are his problem

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